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CMS Ranking 2009 Launched

Top 100 leading Runet web studios 2009

The rating is calculated by looking at each web studio's portfolio of current projects — sites that the company has developed. The rating includes companies that develop web sites professionally with at least 10 active projects in their portfolios. The result is a universal rating of the top 100 web studios on the Russian Internet, as well as local ratings for the CIS countries, federal districts of Russia and cities.

Top 50 leading Runet SEOs 2009

An active client portfolio is the basis of the methodology for ranking the SEO companies. The more sites the company promotes, and the higher the authority of these sites in terms of search engines, then the higher the SEO company is in the ratings. The rating includes companies that professionally optimize web sites' performance in search engines, with at least 10 active projects in their portfolios. The result is a universal rating of the top 50 SEO companies on the Russian Internet, as well as local ratings for the CIS countries, federal districts of Russia and cities.

Top 50 leading Runet web content management systems 2009

Rating is based on data collected by CMS Magazine, the analytical portal for the market of web development. The CMS Magazine project directory is the biggest directory of sites running on different content management systems. Data can be entered into it by web studios and media representatives through their personal account, and by users and site owners though a special form on the site. It is being used to form a universal rating of the top 50 CMS web applications on the Russian Internet, as well as local ratings for type of site (corporate web sites, online stores, promo-sites, portals and services, blogs, social networks), type of platform (IIS, Apache, nginx), and type of license (commercial and open-source).

Stages of
TOP 2009

April 15, 2010

Publication ranking Russian web studios February 24 - February 25, 2010

Official publication TOP Runet SEOs.

December 28, 2009 - 05 March 2010

Collection of data for TOP Runet CMS.

Project news


The results of the main professional competition among sites "Rating Runet - 2010" are summed up

The Awards ceremony "Rating Runet 2010 the annual award for the best sites took place in Moscow, "Vysotsky" club on August 16, 2011. The event, which became a token for the branch of business, brought together about 300 representatives of Russian web studios, customers and mass media.



Selecting a contractor to promote a site is often a serious problem for customers. Anything that helps in this task is more than welcome. Of course, customers are guided in their choice by more than the criteria that underpin the rating. But the more visible and objective market data that are available, the more likely customers can make the correct choice
Roman RublyovskyRoman Rublyovsky

Summa Technologies

The market really needs a transparent rating of site content management systems, with the ability to filter by type of project and type of license. We not only welcome the initiative of Rating Runet, but we will actively cooperate with its developers
Dmitry VasilyevDmitry Vasilyev


Rating Runet shows an objective picture of the state of the market for web development in tangible time intervals. Here the emphasis is not on shrill public relations, but on the stability of the company in this sector, its sustainability. This rating is based not on words but on deeds
Tatiana GazukinaTatiana Gazukina


There are various attitudes to content management system ratings, but it is difficult not to agree that ratings can be useful to companies and individual developers that are trying to define their first choice of CMS, or are thinking about expanding the list of CMS in use. Such ratings help customers to assess the variety of CMS solutions and projects based on them
Gaidar MagdanurovGaidar Magdanurov


Rating web studios, on the one hand, is a very important tool for formation of the market for web development in Russia, and on the other is an authoritative tool for selecting a contractor. Based on the results of the rating, potential clients can choose a studio on criteria that are important to them, be it the team's specialization, regional affiliation or something else
Alexei DovzhikovAlexei Dovzhikov


The main task that the organizer of any ranking faces is how to make it open and objective. Rating Runet has coped with this task brilliantly. Its methodology is simple, but the results did not depend on the organizers. We believe this rating to be one of the most objective evaluations of results, thanks to the methodology
Nadezhda GubarevaNadezhda Gubareva


The method for calculating the rating is open, and customers can decide for themselves whether the chosen parameters are important to them in choosing an optimizer, or whether other selection criteria would be better. At this stage of development of the optimization market, any move towards increasing its transparency is necessary and useful
Elizaveta TribunskayaElizaveta Tribunskaya

An honest and open rating of web studios provides a search tool for customers to find a developer, and an incentive for studios to grow and develop in the fight for that same customer. In addition, an independent rating is also an excellent "thermometer" for assessing the health of the market for web development
Gaidar MagdanurovGaidar Magdanurov


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